Article directory websites are mainly databases that gather, compile, and sort articles into categories, in order to make them available on the Internet. These websites are usually a top source for finding and submittingarticles, and based on specific guidelines, the readership is totally free to reprint many of these articles.

Most of these article directories are also businesses, which have to make money. They achieve this by using Google Adsense or other advertisement companies. Article directories are great for web site owners, who are usually on the lookout for new subject matters to distribute to their mailing lists.

Also, article directories can become an easy and fast way for companies to advertise their products and services. Once an article is accepted and approved by an article directory, it’s possible, that other members’ll begin to incorporate that article in their websites, forums, ezines and newsletters. After submitting a certain number of articles to any kind of article directories, authors will realize, that they’re building a return audience and that their web traffic is increasing.

Article directories may also help authors to be recognized as experts within their field of expertise. For instance a doctor, who specializes in a particular kind of cancer treatment could write articles about his or her forte, thus becoming recognized as an authority in that matter.

Some house owners of article directories become partners with several other web website house owners in order to distribute articles to several various web sites. An article added to a single directory can immediately become accessible on several other websites as well. The technical name for this is RSS or Really Simple Syndication and its power is really amazing. Big web website article directories can pick up individual articles and post them on their websites. Some web site owners will actually choose up articles and forward them to other web site owners, who forward them to others, so forth so on. In a few days an article could be distributed on a great variety of web sites.

Search engines also like article directories simply because of their updated content and many times established directories receive essential numbers of hits from Yahoo and Google. Authors can take advantage of this by submitting articles to the Yahoo or Google databases and directories, where readers can find them. In this instance, it is of fantastic importance, that authors keep in mind, that their signature at the end with the article needs to have a link back to their web site.

Another good aspect of article directories is, that, if an author doesn’t have a web site, these directories can function as his or her web site. Their articles will be hosted on these directories’ web servers for free. Ifauthors want web site owners to contact them, then they have to leave their e-mail address, phone number and any kind of special contact information in their signature file.

There are a many questions, which are recommended to be asked of each web site, before posting articles on it. First and most important, do the authors whose articles are posted on that web site retain the rights of ownership of the article’s intellectual property? Authors can give the web site a non-exclusive license to reuse, reprint or redistribute their article, but it’s important for the authors not to lose their rights over that article, especially if they’re not getting paid for it.

A second question is: Do these websites prohibit the author from including HTML in his or her article? If so, this fact could prevent copywriters from being able to format their articles the way they’d like to. Some of the major parts of formatting that would be affected by precluding HTML are bulleted or numbered lists, which would then appear with all of the items on a single line. It’s also feasible, that all paragraphs might be lumped together and totally destroy the article’s appearance.

A final concern for authors is, that these article directories may sell their E-mail tackle, which then makes them vulnerable to scammers.

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