Do you know there are actually guidelines for writing and creating an interesting article? It appears that some people can write an article that has pep and flair, while another person can write on the same subject and make it boring or even incomprehensible. If you think you fall into the second category, you may be right – but by following a few simple guidelines, you could wind up in the first category.

Don’t get mired down in the English grammar, punctuation and spelling. Yes, we all should have learned this stuff in school, but in case you weren’t paying attention then, your word processing program will correct a lot of that stuff for you. You will still need to proof the article, but it’s much easier nowadays. If you can talk in a way that people can understand you, you can write an interesting article. And if you need more words so that you aren’t repeating yourself, try a right click in MS Word, then a click on synonyms on the menu that pops up.

In the rest of this article we will learn some tips that make one piece of writing appealing and another dull.

Before you start writing an article, you need to figure out your purpose for writing the article. Concisely state that purpose, if only in your own mind. You could intend to write an article about how to make a TV antenna from coat hangars – that would be a good purpose. Or you could have a purpose to explain chelation therapy in simple terms (chelation therapy is a method of taking heavy metals out of the body). These are examples of a purpose you could have for writing. Without that purpose, your article will be confusion.

A way to make an article interesting is to state examples. See paragraph above for use of examples. People read those examples and think, “I get that!” Examples make your writing usable for the reader.

Make the article real for your readers. If you are writing an article to be read by math or computer science professors you could say “qualitative reasoning” and they would probably know what you were talking about. But if you are writing for youth science class you better stick to phrases like “computer programs for robots.” Keep your language within the realm of the particular audience who will be reading it. (Note that this paragraph contains an example without saying, “for example.” Repeating that phrase can get boring.)

Short sentences and paragraphs are much easier to read than lengthy ones. If readers are in a hurry (and lots of people are these days) they will chose the shorter article, paragraph or sentence to read. Part of the purpose of writing is to get people to read it, so make it easy.

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