When you start article marketing, you will probably have wondered what is better – SEO or article marketing? I want to show you in this article why you need to focus on article marketing and not even think about SEO…

Marketing Reason #1

You need to realize that with article marketing that you will generate traffic almost immediately. Once you have submitted your article you of course will expect to have a large number of visitors to your website usually within 24/48 hours. Now if you uploaded the very same article to your website you would probably wait to see any traffic about 3 to 6 months.

The main difference is, your article can get syndicated across many sites and so you get traffic right away where as your SEO page that is virtually the same thing only gets traffic from your site.

Marketing Reason #2

SEO is without doubt a long term strategy which should be addressed after you have mastered the skill of article marketing. Naturally you want to continue to be concerned about the search engines and generating Google traffic, but try your best to focus on article writing first.

The question you need to be asking yourself is “what is the fastest way I can get traffic to my website?” Once you have mastered that strategy, which is article marketing, you need to focus on SEO. But remember – SEO can take you months and in some cases years to get good traffic.

Marketing Reason#3

A major thing that you need to realize is that article marketing sets you up as an expert in your niche market. No other form of traffic gives you the credibility that article marketing does.The bottom line is you need to focus your attention first on article marketing and second on SEO once you have fully mastered article marketing.

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